CPR for Pets

Are you prepared to care for your pet in time of injury or illness?

CPR for People and Pets LLC can train you to administer CPR to your pet in time of need. Using the Pet Tech “Pet Saver” instructional course we can help educate you on how to help your pet.

One of the many skills you will learn in our classes is the “Snout to Tail” assessment. We will show you how to create a baseline for your healthy pet so you can see when your pet is in need.

We also teach you how to take care of your senior Pet-izen: caring for, signs and symptoms and risk factors.

Expect to learn the following during our classes:

  • Skill: Restraining and Muzzling
  • Skill: Primary Assessment
  • Skill: Rescue Breathing
  • Skill: Canine and Feline CPR
  • Skill: Choking Management
  • Skill: Bleeding and Shock Management
  • Skill: Snout to Tail Wellness and Injury Assessment
  • Skill: Pet Vitals
  • Handbook: Pet First Aid
  • Lecture: Insect Bites, Stings and Snakebites
  • Lecture: Heat and Cold Injuries
  • Lecture: Seizures
  • Lecture: Caring for your Senior Pet-izen

Call now for class times and locations. Steve Humphrey (541) 404-8273 or email.