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How to schedule First Aid & CPR Training:

Please send an email with

your name

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phone number

Type of class ( see CPR for people or pets for list of classes)

Number of students

Preferred date for your class

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I will book your class on your preferred date, unless I have a prior commitment. I look forward to training you or your company.

We accept VISA, Master Card, Discover, PayPal, business check or prior billing arrangements. Payment is due on the day of the training.



Medic First Aid first aid and CPR

There is a minimum attendance of 5 students per class. Maximum class size is limited to 16 students. I usually am able to work individuals or smaller groups in with others to make the minimum class size.  More than 24 students require that I arrange for additional instructors, manikins and require larger facilities. My class times run approximately 4.5 hours. I will hold class at your time and your place.

Our standard rate for First Aid & CPR is $50 per student includes all the manikins and supplies for OR-OSHA approved training.

Upon successful completion, each participant will receive a visual workbook, essential skills wallet card, and completion card valid for 2 years.


 American Heart BLS Health Care Provider Class

The American Heart Association sets a limit of 9 students per instructor.  I will work with you to arrange to teach consecutive classes to take care of all your students or arrange for additional instructors.

There are 4 ways for an HCP class to be completed.

·Take a initial class,, or expired card

·Take a refresher class, you have a current HCP card

·Challenge the class. Come in, take a written exam and do all the skills with out assistance.

·Take Part One on line training at and then schedule a Part Two skills check off.

Costs for classes are: complete or refresher class $50 per student. Challenge or Part Two skills check off is $40. AHA e-learning Part One and skills check off is $65.

I would be happy to further discuss your training needs and can confirm dates and prices. Please contact me via e-mail or at (541) 404 8273.  If I am available to answer the phone I will do so, however, I may be out teaching, marketing, or mowing the lawn so Email is best way to contact me. Thanks